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25 Surprising Facts About vini bianchi isole eolie

Malvasia is an ancient family of grapes that includes a varied collection of worthy selections. These grapes can creating red wine of any kind of practical color in completely dry, sparkling and pleasant styles.

Thought to be of Greek origin, the Malvasia household has actually been readily essential to the Mediterranean for more than 2000 years. Malvasia, the name, is a derivation of the seaside Greek community of Monemvasia, where the Venetians had a tactically crucial citadel as well as trading blog post during the time of their empire.

Throughout the Middle Ages, Malvasia white wine became so ubiquitous among Venetian merchants that they started calling their wine stores malvasie. The strength of the ancient Malvasia brand name might well be the very first instance of international a glass of wine marketing.